Monday, August 21, 2017

Adults Only

We really did have an "adults only" sort of weekend

We spent Saturday wandering through the museums of Cornwall -- and the street fair -- pigging out on Asian Tacos ( who knew such a thing existed?!) and the infamous Canadian Beaver Tails for dessert at lunch time and then Sir Steve took me out for the best Chinese for dinner.  I felt so spoiled - and exactly like we were on holidays.
Saturday night we watched some old movies and then Sir Steve took me into the bedroom - and all his favourite toys were lined up on the bed.  I had whispered in his ear "please leave marks" (sometimes I need my head examined - telling a Sadist to leave marks!!)  It was over an hour of paddles and quirts and crops...... I remember thinking at one point I couldn't take anymore -- but I did -- and my ass was burning hot and marked - well marked.  

In the middle of the play time I was dreaming about him fucking me -- but didn't want the beating to stop.  And when the play time was over I was too spacey to want or need a 'fucking'.  I whispered it wasn't fair -- why couldn't I have both?? And Sir Steve just gave me that smile of his and told me to sleep -- we still had Sunday.

And here it is Monday morning .........  and every dream / wish/ fantasy I had for our "adult only" weekend came true ........... and that dear friends is a VERY good thing!

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