Thursday, March 16, 2017

Play Time

We played the other night -- played really!  in bed naked !  

Yeah yeah I know -- no one else is surprised -- folks do that.  But we haven't -- played in bed I mean.  

At first I couldn't quite wrap my head around what was happening (yeah I am slow on the pick up sometimes!)  BUT when the quirt bit into first one nipple then immediately after the other nipple -- I knew this wasn't teasing -- this was 'game on!'

I kept watching his face -- the small evil smile that just touched his lips -- his eyes starring at me when I instinctively covered my nipples -- and god how I loved when his hand would push my hands away and lift my breast for easier access.

Even better when he moved the quirt's biting hits down to my clit jewelry -- the smile became absolutely wicked!  and I thought (as it started) 'no worries Sir Steve never pushes my limits THERE'   
Can I say WRONG ?!  ohhhhhhhhhhhh so very wrong!  And it felt so very very good!

And then when I was bruised and swollen and aching -- he pounded into me -- banging against my swollen clit until my body shook with total earth shattering release.

We played the other night -- and it was glorious!

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