Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Yearning (part 2)

I hadn't exactly planned on doing a "Yearning part 2" but something Lilac said yesterday in the comment section prompted this entry.......
Do not settle for anything less . If you do not like waiting , find someone who will give you more attention. You must be happy to have a healthy relationship .

 This time things are going very differently........ very differently.

And I like to think I am doing it better this time.  

We're talking almost every day.  We've seen each other publicly 3 times (does the first time count when his wife told me / pushed me to go and talk to him?? grinning) 

We have spent time together the three of us -- testing the waters -- finding common ground -- becoming closer friends.  I like to think the 3 of us are building a firm foundation for this -- whatever "this" becomes -- to grow on.  It's important to me that there is openness and honesty and lots of communication between all 3 of us. 

He and I are building tension for sure between us........ good tension!!  weak kneed tension for me!!  He and I are testing the waters - -  or maybe a better term is negotiating ....... hard limits soft limits everything one is supposed to do before jumping in with both feet.

AND more importantly -- I am re-learning what it feels like to be submissive again (see my even bigger grin?? )  I am learning to trust Him -- that when the time is right we will have what he calls "private time" together. 

In the mean time 

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Lilac said...

Glad to hear that you're learning to trust again. Hope everything will work out for you :)

About my comment yesterday, I wrote it because I was mad at someone for not giving me attention. But then, I guess I'm a hypocrite :(

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