Thursday, June 23, 2016

Symbolic message

It was suggested to me early yesterday morning that I get a strip of paper -- write a specific message on it and carry it on me all day - right up till bedtime.  

The concept made me smile ...... it was (I thought) a way of keeping me focused / grounded and a little bit curious.  

Half way through the morning I got another message that clearly explained the symbolic message I was carrying.  I laughed out loud -- some people have breath taking ways of focusing my mind.

The rest of the day seemed easier in many ways -- I had only to feel the strip of paper to refocus my mind........not sure that it focused exactly on what I should have been dealing with -- but it was focused !!

Yesterday was a lesson (in many different ways) on how a simple suggestion can redirect one's thinking - one's way of overcoming -- and how clever some people are!


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