Saturday, October 12, 2013

So far

So far this Thanksgiving weekend -

we joined a group of lifestyle friends and went to  Fort Fright night....that's where they set up Old Fort Henry as a massive haunted house and scare the crap out of visitors.  (well they scared the crap out of THIS visitor)

Two of the folks we were out with came back and spent the night.  This morning I made a yummy country breakfast - hash brown potatoes, peppers, bacon and eggs all  scrambled together.  We  had brown toast, apple muffins, juice and coffee. 

Once they left I started thinking about our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.  Instead of the usual pumpkin pie which W doesn't like (I am surprised how many people really don't like pumpkin) I decided to make a gingerbread cake - served warm with whipped cream.  W told me to let him know when I was gonna start baking - which - being the good subbie I am - I did.  

W had this bright idea to tie me up - tight - and then turn me loose to make the gingerbread cake.  Seriously folks - I am not gonna be responsible for the cake - it was just a little distracting to bake tied up like the turkey that will be in the oven tomorrow. 

 just some nice lil marks

and that is the holiday weekend - so far !

1 comment:

Ordalie said...

I just can't see why it was distracting! It's not as if he has tied your right hand at the back! ;))

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