Friday, October 18, 2013

House Guests

We had our last bunch of company leave yesterday at noon.  

Let's see - we had overnight house guests on Friday to Saturday.  Sunday we had guests for Thanksgiving dinner.  Wednesday we had more house guests arrive and leave (as I said ) at noon yesterday.

Truthfully I am done with house guests.  

Though I have to admit Wednesday - Thursday's house guests were the most difficult.  They are vanilla and Christian and W's oldest friends.  Somehow it is easier having lifestyle guests - I don't have to worry about slip ups (like calling W "Sir") but even so - it was a lot of people in and out of the house for a week.  A lot of talking and noise and disruption.  

We did yet another tour of Kingston Wednesday afternoon - which is ok - and I had brought my camera along in the hopes that I could take some pictures - but they didn't even get out of the car!!  They took pictures through the car window.  And when W asked if they would like to walk around the old Fort where they could get a really nice view of the city they didn't even answer!  (What was THAT about??!!)  

I tried very hard to be a good hostess - but when they left W pointed out that I talked too much :(   I didn't mean to....... but I guess maybe I did talk too much.  They were after all HIS friends.  So maybe it would have been better if I had been the invisible subbie - I should have sat at his side and smiled and nodded and kept my mouth shut unless specifically asked a question.  Hopefully I have learned that lesson for the next time some of his friends come for a visit.

Lesson noted and learned!

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  1. I am sorry I GOOFED once again :-( I think I will keep My mouth shut for good...



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