Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Back Tracking

Ok so I got a little ahead of myself - doing a post about Sunday before Friday........... but hey it's my priority list (cheeky grin)

I have been jonesing to do some protrait shots - but I did need a willing subject. And most importantly someone who knew this was just a learning curve for me - I have no special equipment for portraits - or any experience (or talent)

The first model I had lined up, wanted me to drive her 40 minutes out of Kingston and take shots at some river.  Sorry but an 80 minute return trip to take some photos was not what I had in mind.  I suggested much closer areas that had trees and water but she had to have this particular area - I declined - so it didn't get done.

Then out of the blue, someone else volunteered.  She wants some newer pics to put up on FetLife.  I warned her that none of them might turn out........ I warned her I was not a photographer - only an apprentice.  But that didn't sway her.  So last Friday she came over laden down with every fet outfit she owns and enough make up and hair accessories and toys to sink a battle ship!!

I tried to act all professional - but was as nervous as all get out. The first few pics weren't so hot.  And I was stressing none of them would turn out - which is when W came to my rescue by taking "back up" photos and aiding in 'setting' some of the scenes.   

She has so many different personae and one of them - the first one - was/is "baby girl",  It turns out I have some difficulty seeing a grown adult (and I do mean GROWN adult) in little girl clothes........... but I did my best.

 see what I mean by "grown" adult ?? 

    Then we moved on to school girl - and again I was struggling to get a winning shot...

but  managed to get this one

and this one.... with W's skilled help (grinning) 


Then we moved on to "submissive" pictures.  She is into slave postures/positions so I took multiple pics of positioning............... here's one to show you..........

and then I started to gain a little confidence........

AND most importantly I started to take pics of what I liked ........ my arty farty side coming out....

and then we moved on to her "Domme" side...... and THE shot for all those men(women) who love a leather boot..........  

but I kept seeing the arty farty shots

finally reigning it in - in favour of a typical "Domme" picture.  

And lastly - my favourite shot of all....

Finally - I have to say many thanks to sunny1smileshere for 1) allowing me to practice my photographing skills and 2) for permission to post the pictures here on The Journey.

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  1. Ordalie12:54 pm

    You must have been hard put to it to keep a straight face for the little girl shots!
    The last shot is a very good one indeed!


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