Saturday, October 26, 2013


Yesterday was my birthday.  My party was last Sunday - so seriously - I didn't remember yesterday was the ACTUAL day.

When I got up and went to make coffee (stop #1 first thing in the morning)  there was a photography magazine
When I went to get my netbook (stop #2) - there was another photography magazine
When I pulled my chair out in the dining room (stop #3) there was another photography magazine,  and orders to pick the best one of the 3 and W will order a year's subscription 

After coffee there were birthday spanks.

And for supper I picked going to a munch (rather than going to a restaurant with W) I don't know - it just seemed like more fun to be with friends for dinner ........ 

Oh yeah ---- kind and caring W notified the local TV station and managed to have my birthday announced on the air......

the only thing missing were balloons and a cake with candles - but at my age??? that many candles would have probably melted the cake.

It was a good day - and a GREAT birthday 



  1. Sounds like a lovely day. Happiest of birthdays!


  2. Ordalie2:28 pm

    Happy birthday, dear Morningstar!

  3. Next year the birthday ballons and candles and don't worry about the smoke/fire the alarm company will be warned ahead of time...


  4. Many happy returns.



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