Saturday, October 05, 2013

M.B.E. - free show !!

There is an art festival in Toronto that runs from 7pm this evening till 7 am tomorrow morning.  Seriously I don't know who dreamed up the ungodly hours (from sunset to sunrise??? doesn't anyone sleep in Toronto??) 

I have been aware - vaguely - of this festival for the last couple of years - mainly because of a Rope Exhibit - Morpheous' Bondage Extravaganza.  This Bondage exhibit was very fringe until the last couple of years and this year it is front and center.
This rope bondage show starts at 7:00 pm sharp and goes for 12 full hours.  Riggers from around the world tie / suspend bottoms  at Toronto's Grand Hall's Theater Center.  

This year we have a friend from Kingston performing at the MBE (for short) - Daedalus is quite proficient at bondage and at suspension.  He will be tying/rigging 5 times over the 12 hours.  (His schedule is at the bottom of this blog entry)
The best part of this show - and the main reason I am writing about it - is that you don't have to be in Toronto to experience/see the show.  All you need is a computer - click HERE and sit back and view the show.

They will be live streaming the extravaganza for the entire 12 hours.  I suggest you pull up a comfy chair and tune in - I can promise you will see some of the best bondage you may ever 
see !!!

Daedalus' schedule
  • 7:00PM Daedalus w/ parallux 30min suspension
  • 8:30PM Daedalus w/ Knotty_Girl 60min Floor work
  • 10:00PM Daedalus w/ sweetdream 30min suspension
  • 10:30PM BondageNexus w/ Knotty_Girl 60min Floor work
  • 11:30PM Daedalus w/ odette 60min Floor work
  • 12:30AM Daedalus w/ ButtonUP 45min
  • 1:15AM JD-66 w/ Knotty_Girl 45min suspension
  • 3:00AM Daedalus w/ pandorasdreams 60min Floor work

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