Thursday, October 24, 2013

Asian fusion

There was a type of cooking called Asian Fusion - I am not entirely sure it is still the "in" thing - but last night's dinner made me think of the term.

A month or so ago I bought some noodle bowls in China Town in Toronto.  They have sat on the shelves in the kitchen ever since. 

I had been threatening to find recipes that would allow me to use the new bowls.  Last night was the night.

As most of you know the decorating here at the house has a strong Asian influence.  W has been very patient / tolerant with me and my fancy arty farty ideas.  But when I announced that dinner was going to be Asian steak and vegetable noodles - well he looked less than impressed.

He came into the kitchen at one point to see what I was doing - I told him to smell the sauce.  He didn't wrinkle up his nose too badly so I figured I was safe.

BUT when it came time to serving (and this is where the Asian Fusion comes in) I really did think I would be pushing it, to ask him to slop his steak,vegetables and noodles out of a noodle bowl with chop sticks.

So I made two plates ... one for me................ ASIAN......

and one for W.... CANADIAN...........

Unfortunately - it looked very pretty and rather authentic........... but sadly the taste left something to be desired.   I might try it one more time - with a better cut of beef - the one we had last night was tough - like shoe leather.  And I might add a few more spicier spices to the sauce.  It really did seem a little bland..............

BUT I loved using my noodle bowls ............ I guess worst case scenario I could use them for chicken noodle soup .......right??     


Sir said...

For a first attempt it wasn't too bad at all...


AtiyaLuv said...

it looks yummy and very inviting!


Anonymous said...

do you have wagamamma in Canada? Its a restaurant chain, that do a recipe book. Should be available on Amazon, but there are a few recipes on their site to give you a taster: including this -

good luck - they're lovely bowls and I hope you persevere, they deserve to be used!


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