Thursday, October 03, 2013

Arty Farty

Yesterday I gave you all an update on my Tai Chi classes and today thought I would share with you my classes on photography that I take each Tuesday evening.  (see life isn't boring when you are retired !!)

Truthfully at the beginning I had grave doubts about this photography class.  I didn't much like the teacher - had serious doubts about her ability to teach.... I had NO doubts about her ability to take pictures - as the first 3 classes involved sitting through 2 hours of slides of pictures she had taken.  But her skills as a teacher??? well  they were questionable - W says it is the problem of having a teacher critiquing another teacher... he's probably right - but then he usually is.................... 

Anyway back to the class.  I realized when I did the last photo assignment that I was actually starting to get "it".............. well maybe not so much "getting it" as being able to produce the pictures she asked for. 

This past class we were given our 3rd assignment (it is working out to 1 assignment per week - god I had forgotten how much homework one gets in university!!)

This was the one assignment I was looking forward to......... (it was listed in our class outline)  We had to pick one subject and take 12 different pictures of this subject - using angles and lighting and everything we have learned so far in class.   It appealed to my sense of the absurd............. or as W calls it "my arty farty" side.

Here are my 12 pictures of one subject.............. (whether you want to see them or not - cheeky grin)


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little monkey said...

3,4, and 9 are my favorites. I love the close up ones, and in the ninth one the color just glows.

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