Monday, August 05, 2013


Subspace became more than a state of mind on Saturday evening.

W and I and another couple drove up to Toronto to attend a party at a club called "subspace".  It is by day a fetish photography studio  - and by night a private club.

This "road trip" was very spur of the moment.  The couple came over to have coffee Saturday morning on our new deck.......... and the conversation came round to the party in Toronto and how they were going - and why didn't we come too.  

So by 4 o'clock W and I were changed and in the car heading up to Toronto with this couple.  Who in their right mind drives 3 hours to go to a play party??!! Obviously us!!

We stopped for dinner and then managed to work our way over to the club - a 10 minute drive from the restaurant - but because of festivals and torn up streets it took us just over an hour to get there !!!

I was nervous as is my habit when we attend a new club/new play party.  I hate not knowing anyone (ok ok!!  we did have our friends with us - but that didn't count),  We had barely off loaded our toy bag into the club - when W suggested that we play.  The club was smallish - and filling up fast - and if we didn't play then........... well who knew when we would get to play!!

So before my newbie nervousness could get too much of a foot hold on my psyche - I was stripped down and standing on the cross ready to go................

And what a play session it was!!!  For once, my wimpiness took a back seat to my need to fly - fly as high as the moon and back.  W warmed me up with the blue flogger that stings like a thousand bees. (nice warm up !!!)  Then he moved on to the circus whip and all the toys that don't get used in the privacy of the house (due to space issues). 

Saturday night I was in a serious ( very serious) mind set - so there wasn't much bratting about - more like "let's do this!!"  mind set.  I did do a few subbie jigs as the toys bit into my back, ass and thighs raising welts and leaving me sweating and trembling......

And then I whispered to W asking if there was room for the gorean whip.  Something inside me wanted to test the limits again (after a long long time) and go for the gold - so to speak.  W pulled the gorean whip out of the toy back and said "let's give it a go".  The crowd moved back and the DM moved between us and a young girl doing self rope suspension......... and W went at it with all he had. 

It felt amazing - after all these weeks/months - the gorean felt ......... I don't know how to explain it - amazing keeps coming to mind - but it was so much more than amazing.... the strikes hit hard - biting into flesh - pushing me up hard against the wood of the cross - unwinding from my body - sliding back to W like a snake - W drawing back and sending another biting stinging throw across my back ... slamming me once again into the comforting stablility of the wooden cross.  Each time the gorean cut across my body there was an explosion of sound - a thunder - that echoed through the club.  

I think there was a cool down period with another toy - but truthfully I don't remember.  I do remember finding myself sitting outside in the dark on a leather sofa - with W experiencing the burning warmth of my ass.......... and thinking all really was right with the world. 

Most of Sunday was a wash out - we're old now.... and playing all night (and only arriving back home at 5 am!! ) knocked me for a loop (and I think W too).  BUT it was so worth it !!!  The connection that comes from that kind of heavy play............. the dance of the pain ............ W leading... my following - it's just so worth the after effects the next day !!    


Now today my grandkids arrive - and I will be AWOL for a couple of days........... I'll be back at the end of the week - with a glut of pictures (I assume) and loads to report from our week............... till then play nice !!

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Hermione said...

I had to Google Gorean whip to see what it looks like. Ouch! Not at all what I imagined, which was long and thick like a bullwhip.


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