Friday, August 09, 2013

The Ramblings of a perverted mind

Right - so - yesterday I did a 6 hour return trip to drop the grandkids back home.  If any of you know me - or have read here for any time - you know I HATE long drives .... hate hate hate them!!  Anything over 2 hours and I am ready to gnaw on someone.....

The drive to Montreal was slow..... very slow............ oh it only took 2 1/2 driving hours BUT I promised the kids we would stop for breakfast - so that added 45 minutes to our traveling time.  

BUT coming home was the main problem.  I had already spent 3 hours on the road and was now facing 2 1/2 hours home.  I don't think I was out of Montreal before I started fidgeting.  My ass was going numb - my back was getting sore - and the highway stretched ahead of me endlessly...............(I really am the world's worst traveler)

I managed to point the car in the right direction - and amused myself by dividing the drive into sections - next town 20 minutes away - I will get there at 3:50 - and so forth.  It was kinda helping but not much.

Then I drove by a sign post with about 3 towns listed (must be very small towns).  I have driven by that sign post a hundred times - but this time (because I was so damn bored) I noticed that one of the towns was named "Domville" 

(do you see where my mind went with that one?? - ok probably not - as it is my sick mind - so let me share the ramblings of this sick perverted mind)

'Domville - the quiet country town filled with Doms.  Now does this Domville have only Doms or are there submissive types to do the work?  How could a whole town of Doms survive without submissive types???  They couldn't - so I decided they must have submissive types living there too.......... or perhaps they bus them in from various other small towns each morning - and bus them home in the evenings.  

I envisioned old fashioned Victorian houses (hey this is MY rambling daydream) with wrap around porches - with eye bolts - and submissives strung up along the edges - in stead of pretty hanging baskets filled with colourful flowers.  I saw scantily clothed submissive types gardening (one submissive - for real - here in Kingston - has declared Thursday - naked gardening day - so that's probably where my image of gardening stemmed from)

I pictured a main street filled with restaurants and bakeries and grocery stores and hardware stores staffed with submissives.  The Dom owners would be sitting high above the shop in a glassed in office where they could watch all the goings on.   If a submissive didn't perform at 100% or committed a faux pas - they would be called to the office over a loud speaker.  They would have to walk the walk of shame across the floor and up the long flight of stairs to the Dom's office.  At the door they would have to strip naked leaving their clothes neatly folded at the door - open the door and enter - prepared for their punishment.  There would - of course - be no pay - as the joy of serving would be sufficient for these lowly submissives allowed to work in Domville.

Oh my god how would townhall meetings go?? So many Dom types all together - every one of them right.......... I kept envisioning long boring arguments - and lots of testosterone  filling the air. I envisioned lots of leather and chest beating and raised voices.  Egos would be inflated.  Ugh it gave me a headache just thinking about it... 

I wondered how the rest of the world would deal with this Domville.  How to keep tourists and peeping toms out of town.  And then I wondered if they might have a Dome thingy (dragged from the awful tv series The Dome) covering the town with some invisible doors that could be opened to allow traffic in and out................. '

My ramblings ended about there - I had built a rather nice lil town out of Domville - and when I looked at the road sign for the next town - I realized I was 20 minutes from home.. 20 minutes from my Dom.... and real life which is always so much better than ramblings of a perverted mind. 


  1. I think the ramblings of your perverted mind are delightful.

  2. Ordalie4:05 pm

    Very funny ramblings!


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