Friday, August 30, 2013


On Wednesday night W looked at me and said "time for a road trip".

As much as we are adjusting (ok ok as much as *I* am adjusting - W may never adjust to small town life) there are some things even I can't do without............ for example my Quebec bagels - and a french vanilla coffee creamer not available here - for W it is his 'Canadian' rye bread. )  Because of this lack of gourmet (said very tongue in cheek) food here in small town Canada - W had been driving back to Quebec every 5 weeks or so and stocking up on his rye bread - and french culture.

I have been baking my own bagels - but there is just something missing - a "je ne sais quoi" from my homemade bagels ........... and despite W praising my attempts to make bagels... they just don't cut it.  

So yesterday we made a road trip back to Montreal to pick up W's Canadian rye bread - my Quebec bagels and coffee creamer. 

I guess we were outta here by just after 9 a.m. and got to Montreal sometime around noon.  We hit the pastry shop for the rye bread - then went over to W's train/hobby shop to pick up some magazines he wanted then we went to lunch.  To this amazing lil hamburger joint that makes the world's best curly fries !!!  (Now that was a real treat!!) 
Picked up my bagels and a dozen for friends here in Kingston - then we packed up and started back west.

Just as we were leaving Montreal W asked if I wanted to pop in on the kids........ oh hell yeah!!!  Yesterday was the first day of school - you bet I wanted to check in on the kids.  So we stopped for an hour or so - and I got to see the middle one come home from grade 2 acting oh so cool - on the bus without big brother this year!! 

And then the eldest grandbaby (he would shoot me if he knew I still called him "grandbaby")  came home from his first day in high school - acting OH SO cool - and grown up.

Then W and I headed back to the highway and trudged home arriving pooped around 8 p.m. 

I loved spending time with the kids - LOVED the fact my daughter was totally surprised and delighted to see us - loved that W was  more than willing to let me visit - BUT - the last 2 1/2 hours of the trip home was sheer torture.......... ughhhhhhhhhh  6 hours in the car (total traveling time) for some shopping??!  But I'll do it again the next time W says "road trip"


  1. Oooh, please direct me to this curly fries establishment? I don't know why curly fries taste better than regular ones, I just know it's a fact.

  2. Ordalie12:11 am

    Your trips always mean long hours stuck in a car. You're obviously used to it but as far as I'm concerned my brain reels.

  3. Ordalie3:11 am

    An interesting article:


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