Monday, August 26, 2013

Busy Bees

My new license plate is BSBZ - when the girl gave it to me she said "awwww busy bees" and I thought then how appropriate.  That license plate is quickly becoming our life here in Kingston........ 

On Saturday there was a Chinese festival in Toronto (about a 3 hour drive from us).  W and I decided we would take a run up and see what it was all about.  During the week we had had a friend drop over so we invited her and her partner to join us.

On Saturday morning at 10 the four us jumped in the car (well jumped as well as these old bones will jump) and headed off to Toronto.  The street festival was a crush of people and interesting smells and sounds.  

We poked into little tiny shops crowded with people and merchandise ..........

Sir found a rather lovely rattan carpet beater which will probably never see a carpet... and he found some lovely acupuncture needles for some needle play.  I found rice/noodle bowls complete with matching chopsticks ....... a new wind chime for the new garden .... and a bright red parasol for those unbearably sunny hot days.  ( I do NOT wear hats!!)

We saw some chinese performers (I didn't bring my camera so no photos) and a chinese dragon wandering loose (W used his phone to take the pictures)


 Around 5:00 o'clock we all piled back into the car and headed home... hot tired but happy.

On Sunday we had nothing planned - Sunday is always W's veg out day.  But just after lunch some friends showed up for a visit.  So we sat outside in the back garden drank coffee and settled the woes of the world. 

BSBZ - that's us!!!



  1. sounds as if life there is blissful and happy . i am pleased for you

  2. Ordalie2:29 pm

    Do please take a photo of your new wind chime and of the previous one(s) as well.
    I love them!

  3. Ordalie - When - IF - it ever stops raining I will take those photos for you :)

  4. Ordalie2:40 am

    Thank you! Something else: has Miss Ashes grown accustumed to her new house?


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