Tuesday, August 13, 2013


They (the proverbial "they") always say you should plan for retirement.  I listened with half an ear.  

But I did make some promises (plans) to myself about retirement starting almost 30 years ago.

I promised myself I would retire to Kingston - my parents had retired here - and I got a first hand look at the city.  I loved it !!  that's what I based the  promise on......... a 30 year old memory.  

Things have changed greatly here in 30 years........... and some things I didn't think through - like leaving my kids behind - or my favourite haunts - or my favourite shops - BUT there is a quiet small town quality to Kingston that I love!!  And just as 30 years ago - there is always something going on here.... one festival or celebration or another.  AND the people who live here are very friendly (for the most part) So.. I am glad I made this promise to myself .............

Then about 6 years ago or so I bought a fancy dancy camera,  I have always loved photography - saw it as something much more than taking holiday photos....but the camera was a wee bit too fancy dancy - and I use it (90%) of the time on "automatic" cause I have no idea what to do with all the other buttons - or what half of them mean.  I promised myself once I had settled into Kingston I would go back to school and take photography classes.

Yesterday was registration for the new fall session at the local college.  I went on line and feeling very much like a kid starting school for the first time - I filled in the online registration forms - paid the fees required - and registered for my photography classes.  Hopefully I will be accepted - and hopefully they will have enough students - and hopefully I will be starting back to school on Sept 10th.

I also (and didn't really tell anyone this promise) promised myself I would work towards stopping smoking.  (note I said work toward - I don't want another failure to add to my list of failures  - so it's a goal - a journey ) and I am pleased to say that when I arrived here I was up to a pack and a half a day.  Now I am rationing my cigarettes and am down to 10 a day.  

Retirement is good - if you make promises you can keep


  1. Smoking - Until recently I was on 40 cigars plus pipe smoking a day. Before I started that it was about 60 cigarettes a day. I tried all sorts to give up and nothing worked. Until now. I got me some eGo-T batteries and some CE4 clearomizers and have been puffing on vapour (with 12mg of nicotine) for just over 3 weeks now. It is working, I have no withdrawal symptoms and unlike the other times I tried to give up, do not want to commit mass murders. There are some who are against the use of ecigs and liquids but I have yet to see a plausible argument against them. It seems to me that the tobacco lobby are spreading BS because someone has come up with something that actually works.


  2. Ordalie10:12 pm

    "I have no idea what to do with all the other buttons - or what half of them mean." AND can't be bothered to read the notice? That's me to a tee.


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