Monday, August 19, 2013

Another Monday Morning

We had another busy weekend............. 

Friday night we had our rope group that we go to........... this month W tied another woman and I sat and watched.  It's a fun group with lots of chatter and good natured teasing and laughter.  I do enjoy the group - but there are always more rope bottoms than there are rope tops - and I don't mind sitting one out ...........

Saturday we had friends drop in unexpectedly and briefly around noon - and then we had to get ready to go to a munch about an hours drive from us.  The munch is always a good time for us to connect with friends that don't live in our area.  And I guess we are getting to know other folks - though I honestly can't say they are becoming fast friends.  

Sunday was a shopping day and then friends had asked W if he would do a photo shoot with them on Sunday after dinner out in the country.  So early dinner then a fun couple of hours of photo taking and slapping at mosquitoes.  It gave me a chance to learn how to set up and use my new tripod W bought me for my classes.  (I start my photography classes on the 10th of Sept).   I took some pictures - being arty farty more than anything........... leaving the portrait taking to W who is much better at this sort of thing than I will ever be!!

Here are just a couple of my attempts............... 

I love the red rope he uses!!! 

  blingy shoes framed by the ropes

that's just a part of the hardware for the rope suspension - but I liked the pretty colours...

 And that was our Busy Weekend!

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  1. Ordalie9:03 pm

    Very nice pictures! I've always regretted your putting an end to the photo blog (I kept some photos of yours: the roofs as well as the door window and the sun catcher).
    I love those shoes even though they're obviously not made for walking.


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