Thursday, August 01, 2013

Rainy day

We woke to black skies and pouring rain.  I have the lyrics rainy night in Georgia running through my head - can hear Ray Charles as though he was sitting opposite me singing away.

This rain has put the yard renovations on hold.  We have had a week with contractors coming out our ears......... fence fixers, fence painters and deck builders. 

The back yard was a "clean slate" with a fence around it that had never  been maintained... can we say "'boring" and "ugly"??


The back yard has looked like a construction site all week...............

And it didn't help that the front deck - attached to the front door had been stained and we had no front door access for 24 hours.  

We had a "kid" ( when you are old!  everyone looks like a kid) building our deck.  He has to be one of the most skilled, dedicated workers we have had around here.  He arrived every morning by 7:30 and worked straight through till 3:30 - virtually no breaks.  When I would pop out to see how the work was going - he would look up and grin at me - every once in a while he would ask me if I liked it.  

Yesterday he worked like a dog -  his plan was to finish it all off by quitting time.  And he did it !!  He even helped W screw the base to my BIG red umbrella to the deck.  And at my request - got rid of all the left over earth, roots and stones.. even raking the lawn to bring the grass back up.  What an amazing kid!!

So the deck is done -

But the fence still needs one post fixed and to finish the painting.  Not today obviously - maybe tomorrow.  The one thing that W and I are having to get accustomed to is this small town mentality.  Most of the contractors (not the deck kid) come to work when they feel like it and leave when they have had enough.  And if the fish are biting they don't show up at all.  

The fence work should be done sometime next week (I would say tomorrow - but I am learning) and then the landscapers show up to dig out the sod and put in flower beds.  

But for today - it is raining and dark and dreary..


Oh yeah quick question here............ 
Know the poll at the end of each blog entry?  I know that some of you from time to time hit "like" .   So far no one has hit dislike - but yesterday someone hit "more please".  and that has left me confused.  (yeah yeah I know why did I put that choice there if it was gonna confuse me!)  More of what ??? I kinda thought I summed up service subbie  - more of what service subbie is?? more BDSM realities??? can you leave me a little note in the comment section - or email me if you wish ?? The reason I am asking is........1)  if someone is gonna take the time to click a poll button I would like to answer them and 2)  I am always looking for more topics to write about - so a "more please' would generate (possibly) something else to discuss.



Ordalie said...

God, that's just awfully nice!!! Now did you have that wonderful idea or did google give you some tips?

morningstar said...

@ordalie... idea?? to put a deck in?? nah I always wanted a deck or patio to sit on.. I am not a big fan of sitting on the grass - and as the yard is sloped to the back fence I had visions of folks rolling down the hill without a flat level area to sit.

Originally I wanted a stone patio - but it was cost prohibitive so I went with a wooden deck - basically at ground level.

Wait till you see the gardens that are going to go in.. I can hardly wait !!!

Sir said...

I can hardly wait for MORE construction people around here :-(

Once this is done, then maybe it is time to call in the Real Estate folks and see just what I can get for the updated place so we can move and start all over again....


Anonymous said...

I am not the earlier one who pressed more please.

Once the Garden is finished you will need a new project- so how about some fictional stories based on r/l experiences?

What would your man have to say about that?

Hermione said...

I never noticed the buttons at the bottom of the posts, but from now on I will use them.

The deck is lovely, and so is the umbrella. I've never seen an offset one like that before.

Re: Sir's comment above, her really IS a sadist, isn't he?


morningstar said...

@Hermoine - LOL yeah - I never thought of it that way - his being a sadist - I thought it was more to give me heart palpitations.. just get the house more or less done and sell it????

He wouldn't do that to me - or him for that matter - would he???

Ordalie said...

"at my request - got rid of all the left over earth, roots and stones". You lucky girl! That's the trouble with workers: they always leave small or big amounts of paraphernalia they haven't used (mainly because they order too many things).
And once the job is done they tell you that of course they'll be coming back to take those things away...but they never do.
Soooo frustrating!

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