Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Finishing touches

Before I show you the finishing touches that (in my mind) make this an oriental garden.... I feel I have to explain why this garden was done at the end of August instead of early spring (or late fall)

I was taught one never planted until mid to end of May because of the risk of frost.  One could plant  or transplant through the month of  June.  Nothing should be done in July to mid-August.

Because of the demand ... the landscaping companies start planting early May till end of September.  The consumer gets no say when they come to do your job.  Your project is plunked into their schedule and they get to you when every job before yours is done.  I consider myself quite lucky that our gardens were done now at the end of August when the days (usually) are a bit cooler and there is (supposed to be) more rain.

I requested a ton of peat moss be added to the top soil and the landscapers added 4 inches of mulch to the garden beds all of which should help hold water in the soil and give my baby bushes and trees a chance.  

Perfect planting conditions are a dream I couldn't afford.  Some diligence and hard work on my part now should give me a healthy garden.  

Now that being said.............. here are the finishing touches that were added yesterday to transform the basic garden into the beginnings of our lil oriental garden I have been dreaming of.................

100 - 200 pound limestone boulders were brought in

And of course the Buddha that W found me was placed in a prominent place

And the pagoda found a special spot.......


 if you're looking for me I will be curled up under the BIG red umbrella with a good book from now till the snow flies

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It's nearly a decade ago now but I did toy with the idea of emigrating to Canada. If Hortics are in so short a supply, that explains why my qualifications scored me 14 more points on the application form than an experienced airline pilot :).
It kind of makes up for the thought of working out in minus OMG temperatures, in the winter but not enough.


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