Friday, October 19, 2012

simple gesture

Last weekend - after the fright night at the Fort - we all went off to Tim Horton's for coffee. 

I was tired at that point - feeling weird from the frights- feeling a little outta my element - feeling a wee bit shy........ and W got out of the car (as he normally does) and started to walk towards the restaurant.  I was hurrying to catch up (as I normally do) and he stopped, waited for me, and then took my hand. And right then as his hand entwined with mine I felt a warmth spread through my body.  

Hands are an important - busy - part of the body.  They feed - they work - they build - they destroy - they are essential to the body.  The simple gesture of holding hands means (in my mind) you are no longer an individual - you are joined to another. In that brief moment when W held my hand - I no longer had to face things alone - we would face them together.

And when W held my hand - he held so much more............ he held my heart.


Bleuame said...

It is the simplest gestures that so often can set the world right :o)
Hands--whether its a hand on the back of my neck as a reminder or his hand holding mine-are great as tools of communication. Pretty post :o)

Anonymous said... this might make you feel better about fright night at the fort... :)


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