Thursday, March 13, 2008

quiet time

it was pointed out to me last evening that i hadn't posted anything for a while.........
Now this may come as a surprise to some...... (as i always seem to have words flowing from my fingers or my mouth) but sometimes i just have nothing to say.

There are only so many ways to talk about the whips and floggers and pain.......

There are only so many words to describe the incredible amount of snow.. and the length of the winter...... and only so much moaning one can do about wanting spring.......

There is only so much writing i can do about my kiddies...... my work...... my family....... my stupid white chemical pills and how they affect my mood.. my mind.. my quality of life.

There are only so many words i can spew forth before it all gets boring.. plain old fashioned boring !!! and i HATE boring........

So until i have something of value to say..... something of interest to say........ something that needs to be said............


  1. Anonymous8:16 am

    When i dry up, i usually do the lazy thing, and just copy paste something that suits my mood ;-)

    Hope it's peaceful nothing feeling.

  2. Since when has a woman's tongue been stilled by a lack of something to say? Isn't that when you do your best talking?

    If nothing else you could give us a progress report on the layout.

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  4. Blogger drakor66 said...

    You can hear a pin drop here, that is not true if a pin was dropping it would probably be going into you rather than hitting the floor.

    Enjoy the tranquil time! Oh is that rumblings of fairies and secret gardens I hear.

  5. I think of you as a prolific poster, I think the critisim was un-warented.


  6. i like reading whatever you write. it helps me feel close to you and reminds me what an awesome woman you matter what goes on the pages. in the end, it's your journey. it's what is important to you to share, to dump, to vent. i love being a bystander on your journey. never underestimate the power...your power...with the strength to


  7. Anonymous10:16 pm

    i like that comment from paula .. although i do not comment often twice this week but many months since ... reading your posts makes me too feel closer to you ... makes me feel connected to someone outside of my little bubble .. reminds me of a great friendship that I miss more and more ... I don't care what you write, just keep doing it.


  8. I understand the need to, sometimes, retreat to an inner place that is quieter and not so frenetic. I hope that what you find, as you pursue that quiet, is the fount of your strength and your tranquility and your truest essence. Then, when it is time, you will find your voice again and it will be strong and clear.

    Enjoy the retreat.

    Hugs, swan

  9. Darling!

    It's been a while since i've been able to be here and enjoy what i consider your precious precious words. Every time i read you i am amazed at your honesty and sense of humor. As for myself *groan*, menopause has reared its ugly head and i was on my ''lunar cycle'' for 6 months *bleck*. Finally 10 days ago i had surgery, and i noticed Kotex stock dropped in value, lol. Now that i'm able to be sitting here a bit, i'll be checkin on you, and i promise to come out of my comfort zone and comment and encourage you if YOU promise to come out of your comfort zone and stop letting those small people control you. Only your Sir should do that *wink*. As i tell my kids, when you let other people's crap influence what you do, you give them permission to control you. Don't give these people that sacred gift over you!

    love and hugs
    susan (marlee)


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