Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Blow hard

Well Sandy huffed and puffed - but didn't blow me down.  

I don't know if I have ever talked about my irrational fear of wind but I have it......... so last night was a bit of a white knuckle evening for me.  I had candles at the ready - I cooked up enough food to feed an army - I found the flashlight - I hiked up the heat to get the house good and warm -  the lights didn't even flicker - not once.  (thank god!!)

I was stressing a little bit about W who had spent the day visiting with friends and was only driving home in the evening.  But when he stopped for supper he sent me a quick email saying it wasn't too bad a drive - and when I got up this morning there was an email saying he had arrived home safe and sound.

Now the weather forecast for the rest of the week isn't good....... lots of windy days - and rain - but nothing too threatening. 

 I am still stressing though.  I have a trip planned for 50 kids on Thursday.  We are off to pick "popcorn".  Yes you heard that right POPCORN!!!  A farm about 30 minutes from the school - out on the Island where I used to live - grows a special kind of corn on the cob.  You pick it - throw the corn cob in a brown paper bag - put it in a microwave - cook on high for about 3-5 minutes and all the kernels POP off the cob.  Sounds like fun right???!!  The kids are all keyed up about this trip.  

AND - 

it's supposed to rain.  How much fun will it be picking popcorn and running through a corn maze in the rain???!!!  BUT how much fun will it be to be stuck in school dreaming about the missed adventure.  UGH sometimes I HATE my job!!  I am hoping between now and Thursday the forecast does an about face.  I am hoping dear Sandy - frankenstorm - loops her way out of our area and the trip can go off with only a small amount of water drizzling over our day. 

It would be nice if just one thing could go off without problems this year........ just one thing......... is it too much to ask???  



Sir said...

Kids don't care about rain, they love it and they will love the outing, it is the Adults that don't like rain, suck it up and get out the raincoats..



Is it too late too ask the parents to send the youngsters to school with wellies and brollies?


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