Friday, October 26, 2012


I had a blog lined up to post at 5 this morning.  It was entitled the truth - nothing but the truth.  And was written during a moment of total angst and almost total depression.  

But somewhere between 7 pm last evening and 5 am this morning - I put that entry back into draft mode.

Cause ya see...... it just didn't seem appropriate to post something SO blue the day after my upbeat birthday post.  Cause yesterday was upbeat.  W sent me flowers - to work - and everyone was jealous - my principal was out for the entire day which was the best present she could have given me - the older kids (all 200+ of them ) sang "happy birthday" to me at noon....... my 3 grandkids phoned me at supper time and sang "happy birthday" to me and blew me kisses - I swear the baby's drool came through the phone lines (oh wait - that may have been the tear trickling down my cheek)

Yesterday was an awesome day (as the kids say "aweeeeeeeeeesome!") 

So it just didn't seem right to post such a downer today.  

That is not to say the down is gone - it isn't.  It's just on the back burner for now..... bubbling away - trying to get my attention.......... and I am trying VERY hard to ignore it......... at least on the day after a bubbly bright day.

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