Thursday, December 03, 2009


On the 3rd day of Christmas
i posted 3 Christmas trees.......

Yesterday i spent the day at home - stressing cause i wasn't at work - and my front door lock was taking forever to get fixed. i absolutely HATE not having control over things in my life....... weird eh?? a submissive who craves control.

But i can explain..... i hate not being in control...... but would be quite happy if Sir was here, then getting the lock fixed would be in His control - even if it meant i had to stay home and wait for the locksmith. (confused yet??) i don't know how better to explain it .. except to say......... i find it much easier to have Sir tell me what to do with the things that get out of control and spin off wildly .....

Anyway......... i had an unexpected day at home........ and i was determined not to let it go to waste. i baked and i wrapped. In fact i baked so many loaves of bread that i was still baking (my last loaf) at 8:30 pm !!!

Today my freezer is full of cinnamon bread to give as gifts - and one for Sir to enjoy. i also made the most wonderful looking loaf of cheese bread......... and the smell?? to die for.............

The rising bread smell floated throughout the house...... mixed with cinnamon... my christmas mantle lights on....... (no fire but still) and suddenly i was 10 years old again back in my grandmother's kitchen.

Now my grandmother's kitchen was usually filled with pies, cookies, bread cooling......... but Christmas..... that was a special time. The counters were piled high with shortbreads, Christmas breads, mince tarts, Christmas pudding... and for some reason i specifically remember coloured meringues in the shape of small bowls. She always kept them in a container in the cupboard over the stove. For Christmas dinner - well dessert actually - all the grandkids were served these meringue bowls filled with ice cream and smothered in our choice of chocolate or caramel sauce (homemade as well). i remember the year i was given the honour of reaching up high over the stove and carefully bringing the container with the meringues down to the kitchen table. i was the one who scooped out the ice cream into their sugary bowls ......... and i got to smother each dessert in sauce. i felt very grown up.

Christmas is a time of memories....... and it is a kinda sad time for me too.... all my family is gone now...... i am now "grandma" and the responsibility of making memories falls to me............. i hope i make her proud.

and for the few of you playing my "find some Christmas" i have hidden yet another Christmas picture on the template........ not as easy as the previous ones... good luck !!!


Cinderelli said...

i think i found it, bottom of the page, christmas tree, toy railroad, one girl tied to the tracks while another uns the train? Is that right? Thank you so much for putting christmas cheer into your blog. So many people seem to be without it this year.

viemoira said...

Thank you for this post speaking of the good non-materialism of Christmas. I really do not like this time of year because I think the true meaning is often lost.

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