Sunday, September 20, 2009

A foreward

It's been a really long 3 weeks of school.

i knew going in it was gonna be a challenge - but no one prepared me for how much of a challenge. It has been a long uphill struggle.

My new principal said i have an A type personality... but honestly truthfully - i have no real concept of what that means. All i know is i have to do my job to the very best of my ability. i refuse to make excuses, i refuse to give in. The job has to be done.. .it has to be done in a certain time frame... therefore it will be done.

There have been a series of "practical jokes" played on me.. keys missing... 2 of my class lists went missing.. post it notes with important bits of information gone. Still i worked on... yeah i have a pretty good idea who is doing this... but ya know what??? If i acknowledge she is getting to me.. i lose. If i keep on trucking as though these inconveniences are nothing more than that.. inconveniences... she will lose interest in doing it. (and i am glad to report the "practical jokes" seem to have stopped)

i have an employee who has been placed under my tutelage after a year off .. and she hasn't worked out.. but i can't do anything except bitch to Human Resources - who keep promising me that they are working on the problem. The thing is she doesn't show up for work more than she does.... i cover her lunch kids.. and have to find someone to cover her after noon hours. i can't keep this up.

i was asked to improve security (there was NO security when i got there) i was asked to bring in programs and organisation and to improve the budget. i can do that.. i know i can. .that is what i do best..

BUT what i didn't think about was.... i am running programs with 400 children - i don't know their names or their faces, i don't know their parents, and no one knows me. Most of their cultures are nothing more than something i have read about on the net.. in the news... i am struggling to find common denominators.. Talk about a huge hurdle.

My world is upside down.. and topsy turvy.. more than i ever thought possible...

BUT i have my Sir.. and i have our routine... i don't know what i would do without Him... thank god for the structure and stability of D/s and my Sir..,...

Keeping all that in mind... tomorrow i will do my Monday Morning Report.....


swan said...

I am sorry that you are struggling so. It must be exhausting! Hang in there. You know that you are doing good things. Believe.

And, yes, when the whole outside world stands on its head, it is so very good to know that our own world is solid at the core.

Hugs, swan

selkie said...

No matter how much we anticipate, plan, predict and think ahead, reality is ALWAYS more than we expected. But I know that you will rise to the challenge as you do all of them, concentrate on the good bits and soldier through the harder ones. I think you're awesome by the way- to take on this kidn of challenge ...

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