Friday, February 06, 2009

Friday again.......

i don't know but it does seem as though the weeks are flying by....... god before i know it - it will be March 1st and i will be on spring break !!!

My bags are packed and ready to go with me to work........ It is a professional day today and i am hoping against hope that i can sneak away after lunch and join Sir on the South Shore .. a day early.

There hasn't been too much going on around here this past week... our stupid politicians have decided that to protect the environment they are going to ban fireplaces and wood burning stoves in new homes and you can't put one in your home if you don't already have one.........

Now see.. that bothers me...In 1998 we had an ice storm.. an ice storm to end all ice storms.. i didn't have a fireplace back then.. and it got damn cold!! and you can only cook so many meals in a fondu pot.

It is a time i won't forget....... and was a big influence when i went looking for my own house.. it had to have a fireplace. i was NOT going to live through the cold and dark ever again.. i wasn't going to have to worry about my animals being safe and warm ever again. And so i found my lil house complete with a fireplace. And know what?? i don't care what any government says....... if i lose power again.. i am gonna live by my fireplace. My ancestors cooked on a wood stove.. heated with a wood stove... and so will i .. to me it is a basic human right !!

ok enough of that rant..

i haven't done a work update in ages.. i have a new special kid this year.. ohhhh i still have Christopher Robin.. but he has been handed off (more or less) to a multitude of professionals.. my new lil guy - i'll call him OJ - decided i was gonna be his "friend" this year. He is engaging.. and charming .. and manipulative .. and some days he actually scares me.. but he's my new project. i have worked hard to find one thing he can do and do well....... and discovered he has a unique gift with small children. So .. against the best advice of all the specialists.. OJ goes to Kindergarten every lunch hour and spends an hour helping get them fed and watered.. dressed and outside to play. He has more patience than i ever expected with them and is a god send when it comes to making hurts all better.. and getting one more bite of that sandwich down. For now it is working.. and that is a good thing.

i read the other day a comment on some blog or another.. where the commenter asked "why don't people give details about what they ate?? they say ' we had dinner' and i am left wondering what they had for dinner" .. Now i am not sure how healthy this obsession is with other people's menus/diets.......... BUT it made me think about a casserole i have made to take to Sir's this weekend........ chicken and bacon wrapped up in pasta smothered in a yummy homemade meat sauce and topped with 3 types of cheese. i hope to get 5 minutes to stop and pick up some fresh bread (don't have time to make any) to go with it before i head off to Sir's. As for the other meals.. whatever i find in Sir's freezer i guess.

February is my busy month........ definitely not my favourite month......... it is income tax time. The time when i have to make out tax receipts for all the families who have used one of the services offered. i hate math !! Always have .. always will... i do tend to pout a little bit in February - cause no one told me when i took this job that i would be doing as much math as i do - from monthly deposits to chasing payments.. to .. the dreaded income tax receipt.... Therefore if i am quieter than normal this month... just think of me as a groundhog.. i popped my head up..saw the income taxes and dove back into my hole until March......... ok??

And that's about it for Friday........ i am taking the lap top with me this weekend.. BUT... i am sorta.. kinda.. hoping Sir keeps me soooooooooo busy.. so tied up... that i won't have time to turn it on.... ok ok...maybe turn it on to pick up emails.. but no time for anything else..

everyone be nice and play safe till i get back............

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