Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Warning Label




 My ham sandwich should have come with a warning label........... cause on Monday when I took a bite out of it... I heard a loud crack!!  and my front tooth was wiggly....... no pain just wiggly.

I managed to find a dentist locally who was taking emergency appointments... and managed to get an appointment yesterday at 11am.  A neighbour up here agreed to 'babysit' the lil one for me (thank god for good neighbours!!)

11 AM found me in the dentist's chair having heart palpitations and a major 'fight or flight' response.  BUT let me tell you this dentist was a good one!!! calmed me right down.  Turns out the tooth broke at the jaw line and the only thing holding it in were the gums!!  (oh and there was no decay to speak of..... go figure!!)



The tooth was pulled.  We talked about my alternatives........ and because I am missing a couple of teeth in the upper jaw we are going to start 'cosmetic dentistry'  Gonna be a bit of a haul - but when all is said and done - I'll have my 'winning' smile back........ and an empty bank account!!!

I won't be doing much smiling until then............. 

Life is good when........... mmmmmm.... when.....

it's only a broken tooth


  1. Yep better a tooth than an arm or leg! But still, no picnic. I hate things being wrong with my teeth. I have a come and go tooth ache and since it goes sometimes I hate to have the dentist mess with it. I hope your repair can be done soon and painlessly. The ache in you wallet may last longer.

  2. Oh no,sorry about the tooth. Nothing worse than dental issues, especially for the wallet! Hope the repairs are smooth and as painless as possible.


  3. Sigh. I am so sorry. Dentists scare me too.

    I hope your winning smile happens quickly and painlessly.



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