Monday, August 10, 2020

What do you miss?




Recently I have been seeing a lot of 'what do you miss the most?' or 'what's the first thing you're gonna do?' during the pandemic.  

I have been thinking to myself - nothing..... my life really hasn't changed that much....

that is ....until this weekend.

I am missing the feeling of intimacy...... and I can't just turn on the sexy feelings without that intimacy ya know??? so I was examining our life -- if life hasn't changed that much why have the feelings of intimacy disappeared?? the only answer I could come up with is...... no date nights.  No time together as adults that doesn't involve discussions about kids/schooling/chores/work......... GAH!! 

I don't know how to fix it - cause I am so NOT ready to go out to a restaurant for dinner ... or dear lord!  set foot in a movie theatre ya know? 



I'm curious - what's the thing you miss most during this pandemic?  what's the one thing you are gonna do first??


  1. I don't miss the actual doing it, that usually only happens over the Christmas period but I miss knowing that I can hop back to the UK, if there are any problems with the family, that I could help out with. The window did open up for a few weeks but now Belgium has been declared a red zone by the UK. So if I did go back to the old country now. I would have to sit in a hotel room for 14 days quarantining before I could do anything. As I say, it is not the going back that I miss but the knowledge that I could if circumstances required it.


  2. During lockdown here the thing I missed the most was being able to go on dates to our favourite cafe's and being able to get pur favourite takeaway and have a date night at home.


  3. we miss going out too, but what we HAVE started doing is trying to have 'date' nights in other ways. While the national lockdown was on, one of our local restaurants arranged a 'greek night', they dropped off food which you reheated according to their instructions and it was fab. We dressed up nicely and laid the table properly, and had a lovely evening chatting away. sadly the restaurant hasn't repeated it but we've found other ways to get good food delivered. It gives me a break from cooking and its something a bit special - we clear the decks and spend time together talking. I've heard of some people who take this to extremes - they theme their nights, e.g. with the greek food they choose greek music, put on a greek film afterwards, share greek literature, so delve deeply into the culture of the chosen theme. I can appreciate that might be a little too much like homework with the lil one for you, but I do think a sort of 'home' date nights might be a good idea for you? If you can't get food delivered, maybe ask your daughter to 'deliver' some food, with the promise of a quid pro quo?

  4. I missed seeing our Granddaughter but that's changed now and we can have her visit. We miss going out to dinner but tonight will be going out to a restaurant, the firs time in about 5 months. We will be eating outside so I am really looking forward to that.


  5. Our life hasn't changed much. Although, everyone has been home since March. So what do I miss? Some alone me time.


  6. We never went out much anyway, so eating in a restaurant or going to a movie is not something I miss. I miss weekly choir practice and singing in our church service on Sunday.


  7. My parents. They live on the other side of the country and I don’t know when we’ll get to see them again. During our last FaceTime my dad started talking about wanting to see his grandkids at least a few more times before he *dies* which would have been a lot harder to hear if I hadn’t already been having the same morbid thoughts. He’s only 70 and “healthy” except for the COPD.

    I also really miss going on dates with my husband- having real adult time with no interruptions. And honestly I miss having the house to myself (though it’s been awesome having my husband working from home, I hope that keeps going long after the pandemic) and having hours of QUIET.


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