Monday, August 03, 2020

Rainy days.....

after nearly 4 months of perfect summer weather we have rain..... lots and lots of rain....

I took this picture yesterday morning on our front deck..........

Besides rainy weather - I had a flair up of an old medical condition that laid me low for a couple of days... today I am achy and weak but improving.

I'm thinking the flair up may have been stress induced...... they are opening the schools in September - full time - full classrooms - little or no precautions (like no social distancing - come on!!  they say 1 metre between kiddies but there is no reduction in class size - therefore no social distancing no mandatory masks for our age group) In my heart of hearts I knew home schooling was the only answer for us........... which means me back teaching again - with no down time except on weekends.  Like I said back in May/June I retired from teaching for a reason............ I'm already stressing about teaching grade 3!!  way beyond my pay scale........... which is gonna mean a whole mess of research on the weekends so I am prepared........ UGH.

Sir Steve approached the mother this weekend to get her feed back on what to do in September ...... he didn't have to has he has full guardianship but it was a nice gesture.  Mother is all for the lil one being home schooled..... and she actually - with some pushing from Sir Steve - admitted she is thankful that I can and will do the home schooling.  OHHHHHHH and she has agreed to do the french - we'll see.. she sure as hell didn't do any last time around............

I think I need to get back to doing stuff for me..... now......... before my life gets out of control again...... I am standing in the bedroom window writing this and thinking I should pull my camera out and get some pictures of the birds .......... photography always brought me great joy and seemed to fill a need I had to try and be creative.... so yeah it may be time to resurrect it .............

Life is good even when it rains.........


  1. Photography is a great way to de-stress. Just concentrating on getting the image that you want gives you that few moments when you can make the rest of the world and all it's complications go away. It's landscapes for me, especially ones involving water features.


  2. I've missed your photographs... would love to see you exercise that creative eye of yours again!

  3. I know little about home schooling but I do know that there are plenty of homeschooling groups that have the curriculum and lessons planned out. Not that you wouldn't be supplementing, but it could give you a good base to start with.

  4. I'm sorry about the flare up and glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. Oh gosh, it sounds like homeschooling remains the best option. You got this! You and the lil one have rocked home schooling.

    Definitely embrace your passion for photography. I would love to see more pics :)


  5. Good to hear you are feeling a little better after your flare up. Our schools are supposed to open in September. Not sure how many parents will be happy sending their little ones.

    I love the pictures you have shared with us. Definitely do more.


  6. Flares are no fun. I am sorry you are dealing with it but grateful it at least is in the country where you can see the stars and hear the birds.

    Stress. So MUCH stress. I am glad you are home schooling and that you CAN home school. We are leaning that way too....I anyhow that is our choice.

    Yes, self that....that you can control.



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