Monday, August 17, 2020

Let's talk about Sex...

 (warning - today's topic concerns graphic sex - you've been warned)


I've always thought males liked to brag about their size and prowess BUT it would seem 'my male' does not like to brag or have a partner brag either.  I remember when I first met Sir Steve and his wife - she put a water bottle on the table and said 'that's about the size of it'.  Sir Steve was embarrassed and obviously uncomfortable.   Some 10 years later when I got the chance to 'measure' (grinning) I was glad I was a masochist!! 

Sir Steve is a little different in another way too..........the first time I gave him a blow job - I was being cheeky and threatened to 'nibble' on his cock.  He didn't even flinch - and when I tried 'nibbling' the reaction was not what I expected !!  turns out he likes a little teeth action.  I always thought males were - mmmm - protective of that part of their anatomy...... 

Another difference - Sir Steve does not get off on my 'wetness'. Other males have seen that as another sign of their prowess (never told them I could do the wetness without any help from them!)  ANYWAYYYYYY .... age has finally caught up to me - and the wetness is not as abundant as it once was.  AND... where I was worried about dryness (seeing the wetness as a sign of my femininity ... and sexiness) the dryness pleases Sir Steve.  He said - once upon a time - he liked the friction the dryness caused ... and the moans that it brought out of me.

Now don't get me wrong.......... if I am suffering from a 'dry spell' Sir Steve can (and does) reach for the lube - when he wants to be a loving and kind Sir. 

This weekend was not one of those 'loving kind' moments.  

First off he wanted a blow mouth is still a wee bit sore (bruised ya know) from the tooth extraction........But his hand found it's way to the back of my head and my mouth was soon swallowing his cock........ sore mouth forgotten........

It proved to be a challenging blow job for me... mostly cause my lip kept getting caught in the space between my front teeth and it was constantly being pinched. Sir Steve didn't notice - or did and enjoyed my discomfort!  Before I knew it - he ordered me to roll over and he was between my legs thrusting into me.......... 

Maximum size - maximum hardness 

I actually cried out as I felt him push into me - stretching me - pulling on the dry tissue - taking my breath away.

It was HOT!

Life is good when a Sadist and a masochist come together!  


  1. I think that I would get worried if mine turned that shade of green though :)


  2. Sounds wonderful Morningstar:)


  3. Apparently, you two were made for each other!!



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