Wednesday, August 26, 2020

19th Nervous Breakdown (UPDATED)


Anonymous I don't know who you are BUT thank you for your caring heart felt comment !!! It made me laugh outloud!



"You better stop, look around
Here it comes, here it comes, here it comes, here it comes
Here comes your nineteenth nervous breakdown"
August/summer is finishing on a down note...........GAH!!!
If you remember - 2 weeks ago I shared that I had a tooth pulled..... a front top tooth! 
By this weekend I couldn't even look at myself in the mirror!  I look so ugly - so 'red neck' with the front tooth missing. 
Well ..... I went back to the dentist on Monday .......... had Xrays - loads of Xrays - and more bad news.  It seems my jaw bone in the front has 'receded'  and the tooth beside the tooth she pulled out had to come out too....... and a tooth on the side that broke had to be removed (that one I knew about).
So I had 2 more teeth removed on Monday..... one left side of the top front teeth and the other one top right side of the mouth...... trust me when I say the last few days eating has been a challenge! 
AND she said she thought one or two more might need to be removed but she's sending me to a denturist for a consult first.
I do not have dental insurance - do you have any idea how much this is costing me??!!  
never mind now I really look like a 'red neck' - so many teeth missing :(  I am feeling so insecure....... so ugly :(  
so f**king old.


  1. Hugggggggsssss
    (I do know about teeth problems)

  2. Anonymous2:19 pm

    Just remember it isn't your looks that people like you but YOU inside they like/love. May the link below put a smile on that face of yours..

  3. (((Hugs))) Morningstar, dental issues suck so much not to mention the expense. We are going through similar at the moment with Rick.


  4. I have lost a front tooth too. It broke off at a goodbye lunch for my manager, and I didn't even realize it was gone for a while. Then he turned to me and spoke to me for the very first time ever (he sucked at being a manager) and I realized I couldn't smile because of the gap. I went straight to my dentist, who did an emergency repair.

    Keep smiling inside!

  5. I wish your timing could have been better for you. I mean no one deals well with teeth problems and no one is dealing great anyway at the moment. But the teeth problems WILL get fixed. And someday we'll be out of this pandemic too.

    I told you how Nick did his picture over in my comments. But he does know about long exposures. Years ago he and his friend wanted to take water fall pictures by moon light. They would open the aperture and then drink a couple of beers before ending the shot. They called those pictures their two beer exposure series.


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