Friday, August 07, 2020

End of the Week



 It's my least favourite day of the week.......... this is the day I go back to the city to get all the necessities done........... you know - laundry, shopping messages and the exchange of the lil one.


I get up stressed... one eye on the clock .... cause if I am gonna be back here at a decent time - meaning time to unpack the groceries - put the laundry away - AND most importantly time to sit and chill before Sir Steve gets home - I have to be in the car by 8:30ish........ 

Sounds like a tough life eh??? (hanging head) I know....... I think this extended stay in the country has made me lazy (sad face).

AHHH well no more time to whine about my hate for Fridays.... gotta get the car loaded... 

Life IS good - even when Friday means schedules and work.


  1. Does sound tough Morningstar lol. I love Friday's, especially the end of the work day lol


  2. Fridays can be fun....I think. This last one, the Sheriff and I marked 20 years married. He made me be brave and go OUT to a restaurant. It was a weird and wonderfully reassuring experience. It was a good first step.

    Hopefully you got back in time.


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