Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Party Hardy

Recuperate - to recover - to bounce back - to ameliorate - to survive!

Thursday we drove to Montreal to run some messages.

Friday we had eldest daughter and fiance for dinner.

Saturday we drove 1 1/2 hours to a demo/pot luck dinner/ play party and 1 1/2 hours home again.

Sunday morning we were back in the car driving to Montreal to have an Easter Brunch with the family.

Monday -- well Monday our world kinda tilted and spun off course.  Now we're trying to pull up our socks -- and get back on track.

It was a GREAT weekend though -- I may have had a wee bit too much to drink (for me) and my ass may have been beaten too much (NAH that's a lie!)  but I still have bruises and tender spots today (see me grinning?!) 

As for the rest of the crap............. 



abby said...

I am with you...had a fun-filled, way too busy weekend...and this grandma now needs a day ...or two to recover. hugs abby

Lea said...

Eh, sometimes that longer recovery time is so worth it tho!

Roz said...

Wow, sounds like an action packed, great weekend worth the recovery. Love that last quote!


Fondles said...

I got tired just READING about it. Sounds like a whole load of action and fun!

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