Friday, April 13, 2018


All my life I have struggled with my weight --- I have had an eating disorder for most of my adult life.  But basically I couldn't seem to grasp the workings of losing weight. 

I always thought one had to diet.  I remember exercising with  Richard Simmons  -- do any of you remember him??

And I remember him saying something along the lines of the reason no one can diet is because the word D I E is what makes up the word diet -- and everyone feels like they are dying when they diet.

I always believed the only way to get the weight down was to live on boring foods -- and in my humble opinion 'starve' myself. 

It only took 40 years or so for my brain to understand that I could eat anything I wanted as long as the calorie intake was smaller then the calorie burn off.  DUH!  I know -- everyone always knew that right?!  But when I fully embraced that theory -- and realized that I could eat what everyone else was eating JUST keeping it under 1200 calories a day -- the weight would come off.

No more crash diets -- no more binging when the diet depressed me.  Now I could eat any damn thing I wanted.... though it might mean I had to get off my ass and put in more 'steps' 

It really isn't a diet -- it IS a life style.  Just like everyone preached all those years when I wasn't listening.

So this week has been a good week of steps and sweating off the calories because I have been busy packing boxes and unpacking boxes ........ AND it paid off -- I am down one more pound this week -- YAY me!!


Roz said...

Oh yes, I definitely remember Richard Simmons, though I never followed him. Good on you for finding that healthy balance. You are right, it is a lifestyle. Congratulations on losing another pound!


olivia said...

Omg, I remember Richard Simmons! I had the video! Used to practice with a group of neighborhood moms way back in the day. Wow. We'd do Sweating to the Oldies... some of those songs still give me flashbacks!

Glad you're not dieting - i'm in the same boat - lifestyle change, less intake than output - AND unpacking boxes!! Good times...

Lilac said...

You can try eating all the colours of vegs , beans and meat only. Cut down on carbs. Try different yummy recipes and it will become a new lifestyle for you :)

Lindy Thomas said...

I remember Richard Simmons and exercising with him. so you've had a light bulb moment now realising its a life style change not a diet. Well done! You're doing really well.
Hugs Lindy xx

Fondles said...

OOh yes i remember Richard simmons. And yay on the lifestyle acceptance. I realised that 3 years ago when I decided I would change my eating habits too. All my life I struggled with being overweight as well, and this has been the longest that I've been consistently losing (at first) and maintaining my current weight. It's been 3 years and 3 months for me, and I'm really glad that my brain has accepted this "NEW" way of thinking - calories in vs calories out. This is why I still eat chips and chocolate cake. IT just means on some days I eat less of other stuff. While other days I binge on as much lean meat and veggies as I want. And STILL manage to keep under the 1200calories :)

I wish you every success. If you want to read more about what I ate / didn't eat, have a look at THIS POST, and feel free to drop me an email too, if you ever want more support!

Lea said...

I was lucky in that my first real foray into this, I fell into MFP and got the calories in/out thing. But I still overeat my calories on the regular. That's my struggle. Some days, 1400 (my current goal) is NOT enough for me!

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