Monday, April 16, 2018

April Showers ?!

What a weekend!!  They forecasted snow and freezing rain all weekend -- the snow wasn't half as bad as they predicted -- but the freezing rain ??!!  Yeah let's just say it's Monday and we've still got freezing rain.......... and it's April 16th for goodness sakes!!  

We didn't waste the wee bit of tolerable weather we had this weekend -- heading out to the home and recreation show Saturday morning.  We checked out all the new camping trailers (some of them are GORGEOUS!) and wandered around the inside of the exhibition hall checking out all the hot tubs and roofing and paving booths....... 

I had taken pictures of furniture I wanted to sell from the apartment  -- stuff that just won't fit in here -- and seriously I don't want to move it one more time.  I put it up on the local 'Buy and Sell' page on Facebook -- and spent Saturday night and Sunday answering message after message!!  I have sold virtually everything!!  One item was picked up Saturday afternoon -- and the rest is going today (if the freezing rain doesn't put people off) and tomorrow.

On Sunday I did the 50's good wife thing -- made a roast of lamb and peach crumble for Sunday dinner.  Lamb is a bit of a treat around here as the cost is almost prohibitive.  It was SO damn good!!  Even the peach crumble (which I've never made before) was delicious.

on the way to the oven..........

 and on to the plate...

No play this weekend -- my body is still sporting the stripes from the knife play last weekend -- and I think the stress levels around here are higher than normal.... though we're not talking about it -- it's like the elephant in the room (but truthfully that could just be me) 

Hopefully we won't have to do 'day 97 of January' and Spring might actually arrive soon..........


Hermione said...

It really was a horrible weekend, and it's still raining here too.

Lamb shanks are my special party meal, done in the slow cooker with fresh rosemary and mushrooms. Very expensive but oh, so good!


Roz said...

Hope spring arrives soon! Autumn has definitely hit with a bang here :(

The home show sounded great and your roast looks delicious! Hooray on selling the furniture. It must be a relief.


ronnie said...

Morningstar, I hope spring arrives for you soon. Happy to say it's arrived in the UK and towards the end of the week we are going to get some quite warm summer temperatures. I love lamb, didn't realise it was expensive to buy over there.


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