Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Gift

I was given a very precious gift yesterday...... the gift of acceptance.

Daddy Dom came over for a visit....... and I was so worried about how he would react to the marks left by The Sadist.  I don't embrace the masochist in me too well - learning - but to share the depth of my masochism scares me.

I knelt at his feet and tried to explain how vulnerable I felt sharing something SO visible with him.  He didn't even bat an eye - he reached out and started to unzip me - I stood up and slipped out of my covering.  i could barely look at him... but he was ok with it. Not thrilled I am sure - but he didn't run screaming out of the house either (small smile) he held me close and made me feel like his lil girl - safe and sound.

He even brought a new flogger he made (still to be finished) for - as he said - the lil girl.  How could I not feel spoiled??  

It is stingy which makes me very happy and he uses it so very well ... giving the lil girl exactly what she wanted.

And - here's a newsflash - I thought I would be comfortable writing about Daddy Dom and our play time........ but I realize that it is a gift to me...... and for now at least I just want to hold it close to my heart.

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