Friday, February 12, 2016

Days and Days and MORE Days!!

I was chatting with a friend last evening - and we were both moaning about how long the month of February is............ after all it isn't even the middle of the month yet!!  AND - more angst - Febuary has an extra day this year!!!

Why is it that the shortest month of the year feels the longest??!!!

Anyone who reads here relatively regularly knows I am not the most patient person - I wasn't a patient subbie (which often landed me up in trouble) wasn't a patient patient........ I am not the world's most patient person.

I get antsy........ my favourite word this month ANTSY!

I am happiest when at least half the squares of every month has a little notation of something...... February's little squares are virtually blank.............. 

Mind you there are a couple of things coming - the 20th and the 27th - a munch and a play party............. 

Will I last that long?!!!! 

And for anyone interested - like a lil child - I do NOT like the word soon!!  It's a bit like the old "5 minutes more" which really had no meaning - it could last forever or end too soon.

I think I just need February to end - NOW!  



my horoscope just said I should party - throw caution to the wind and live on the wild side........  (laughing) it's like it read my mind!!

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