Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Moment in Time

He is so private - so hard to read
But when I close my eyes and "see" him looming over me I see his eyes first - sometimes with a devilish glint - and then he blinks and his eyes grow dark as he stares down at me - watching me like a hawk - soaking in my reactions - it seems as though his eyes are pushing me to the edge - wanting every drop of emotion out of me.

Then I see his mouth - sometimes it is a hard line as he concentrates - focuses on the flogger and where it lands - and then it smiles as my moans escape and float up to greet him.......... to caress him and he whispers "ok? everything ok?" and I know I am safe.

And then his face - usually guarded - closed........... but when he looms over me it softens around the edges and his humanity peeks out - and he seems gentle and caring and I know why I trust him so.

Our moments together keep me warm until our next "moment in time"


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