Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Sentiments


  1. Anonymous7:54 am

    I don't mean to post this as a downer, and it is certainly not in response to the biopsy, but rather in response to events that have happened to someone else in my own life. You also don't need to publish it - (in fact, I think I'd rather you didn't) i certainly don't need to know if you've sorted this out, its none of my business, but I would feel remiss if i didn't at least say something.

    You and W, with buying a house together, need to make sure you do watertight wills (or whatever steps you need to take) leaving the house to each other. I know you're both putting money into this, but if you are not careful and something happens to one of you, you could be in a situation where, if one of you dies, your part of the house is inherited by someone else other than the other one of you, and that can cause terrible problems at a time that is already heartbreaking. My uncle and aunt who lived together for 20 years have already just gotten married for just that reason, they turned up in jeans n stuff, they don't believe in marriage but they've gotten the paperwork done legally because of the risk of a situation as i've outlined above.

    don't let that happen to you...



  2. @keth - thank you for your advise - trust me W and I have thought about this long and hard. And once i move to Kingston to be with him we will take care of the legalities.


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