Tuesday, January 08, 2013


Mondays are not normally my favourite day of the week............ BUT .......... a Monday after a two week holiday makes for a horrible awful really bad day !!!

Yesterday was no exception.  I spent the entire two weeks of my holiday staying up late and sleeping late (well 7:30a.m. is late for me!!)  

Sunday night I had trouble getting to sleep - usually I am out like a light by 9:30 - Sunday I was still wide awake at 10:30 ............ sooooooooooooo when the alarm went off at 5 a.m. I never heard it.  I finally came to wondering who was whispering in my bedroom at 5:55 - it took a few minutes to register that the whispering was my damn alarm clock trying to wake me up !!

I have never showered or dressed - or drove so fast - in my entire life !!!  making it to school just 10 minutes late. 

Thank god my day at work went ok - cause everything else I touched didn't go ok at all......... like trying to "descale" the damn coffee machine.  I hadn't managed to squeeze in a coffee before work - and when I tried later in the morning it told me I had to "descale".  The book said it took 20 minutes - ok I could hang on for 20 minutes for a cup of coffee............. only thing is... it took over an hour to cycle through the entire descaling process............ and by then it was time to head back to work.

By 6 when I finally got home I had such a headache !!!  and I knew it was from a lack of caffeine.............. 

This morning I am sitting here quietly - waking up with a good cup of coffee beside me...... things should go better today ............... after all - it's not Monday after a two week break !!!

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  1. Anonymous10:49 am

    Hope your Tuesday and rest of week go well. Is difficult to get back in the swing of things after a lovely holiday.

    Take care


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