Monday, January 28, 2013

Another Monday Morning

Another Monday morning in a long line of Monday mornings.  This Monday morning I am trying very hard to see the bright sunshine (figuratively)

I had the test done on Friday afternoon. W was with me. (thank god for this man who holds my hand and is my ROCK)   The technician was very forth coming (thank god) and told me she had found something.  She told me she would put the report on the doctor's desk for Monday morning (the joys of paying for the test and having it done in the same practice as my doctor - versus having it done at the hospital - where I would wait 2 - 3 months just to have the test done .......... AND then have to wait another 2 - 4 weeks to get the results)

The doctor may decide to do a more intensive biopsy - in the hospital under anesthetic.  Or she may decide - shrug - I honestly don't know what else she may decide.

It could be precancerous cells - OR it could be cancer.  I have read every damn thing I can get my hands on re uterine cancer.  For the most part it is positive.  Survival rate at 5 years is 87% ......... of course the risk of getting uterine cancer is only 10%

So today I wait for the doctor to call and tell me what happens now.  


  1. Anonymous4:16 pm

    A friend of mine is celebrating her 10th birthday (as she calls her ten year anniversary of being uterine cancer free)next week. There is so much more they can do now than 10 years ago. Keep that chin up! Wishing you the very best.


  2. And you could get hit by a bus too..

    Until the Doctor has pronounced you have Cancer then you don't!!!!


  3. I hope you get an answer soon. I have nominated you for a very inspiring blogger award. If you choose to participate the details are on my blog.


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