Monday, January 21, 2013


Happy Monday morning............. so whatcha do all weekend???

wanna know what I did ?? huh huh?? do ya??? 

Over Christmas - with the thought of a new kitchen........ and some new recipes that W sent me via email (yeah yeah we were in the same house - what can I tell you?!) I started toying with where to put all my recipe books.. binders and loose sheets of recipes.

As I was sitting there reading these new recipes -  a memory flooded back - of a friend who had a desk in her kitchen with a computer (long before the days of multiple computers and gadgets) and she kept all her recipes on it.  When she wanted to bake/cook she just opened up her computer and got started. 

It was a light bulb moment.  I have this little notebook that I take to W's - but I also have a desk top .................and truthfully when I am living with W I don't see much reason to have the notebook.   

So I opened a new file on the hard drive of my lil netbook - called it "recipes" and was set to go.  (ok ok not set to go - but ready to set it up with all my recipes).  I figured the netbook will find a special spot in the new kitchen and I will no longer be rummaging through stacks of recipe books (and I do mean STACKS) as well as binders of family recipes - and loose sheets of recipes torn out of magazines.

Saturday I was busy cleaning the house and having clients through and then napping....... don't ask - I was exhausted !!  

Sunday dawned snowy and cold with horrific winds.  A good day to stay put - and watch all my taped television shows.  About mid way through a snow squall that was worrisome (I hate dark storms) I got up and dragged all the recipes - books and loose papers and binders - into the living room and started copying each and every one of them into the new file "recipes".  I made different files - chicken - breakfasts - casseroles - desserts - well you get the idea. I typed for hours.  Now I have all the family favourites and some new ones as well - neatly typed and catagorized on the netbook.  

Today is garbage day..............All the old books and papers will go out to the garbage. One less pile of junk to move to Kingston.   Everything is safe on the hard drive,  Oh don't panic!!  Once I had it all done - I copied the whole thing to my external hard drive as well.  All well protected from computer crashes and other devious computer problems.

I am even working on some sort of program that will allow me to plunk in shopping supplies based on my recipes - so I am never missing anything.  Did I ever mention I am a little OCD???
 ( cheeky grin)

And that's how I spent my weekend.  Not very BDSMy but - sadly -  my life these days doesn't seem to involve a whole lot of anything resembling BDSM.............


  1. The Kitchen contractor is looking for an under the counter book/computer holder for your netbook to be installed as part of the new kitchen.

    Although don't hold your breath on it getting it as he can't find one..


  2. were busy..what an accomplishment! You have sort of half inspired me...hmm..
    hugs abby

  3. We also use our computer to store recipes, mainly by saving them in If we find a recipe that we like, after we have made it once we print it and save it in a photo album.

    You typed ALL those recipes? Yikes! Too late now, but you could have scanned them and saved them as jpg files.


  4. Hermoine - one of the reasons I typed them all - was - they are old and have been well used - they were becoming more and more difficult to read.


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