Monday, January 14, 2013

Bad luck

Right now truthfully I am feeling like - if it weren't for bad luck - I'd have no luck at all

So..... as we all know - I am trying (desperately) to sell my lil home.  That means it has to be in tip top shape all the time - in case - IN CASE - someone wants to view it.

The last folks who were in a week ago - told me the bathroom in the basement had a leaky shower head.  (like I would know that ! considering I never EVER use it) - my agent told me "no big deal - just replace the washer".

So Friday evening I ran into the local hardware and picked up some special washer I needed for the shower head..... came home and changed it.  The shower head still leaked.  So I figured turn the tap on and off again and make sure it was firmly shut off.  I turn it on............ go to turn it off ........ and the turning thing turned and turned and turned and didn't shut the water off at ALL!!!  So now I have a shower running that won't shut off AND another set of clients coming through the house on Saturday.  I did the smart thing (at least I thought it was smart) I shut the water off to the bathroom.

The clients came through on Saturday said they loved the house - but as with everyone else who "loved" the house - haven't heard a word from them since.  Anyway - after they left I made a meatloaf - a nice salad - and decided to have potatoes.  I put the potatoes in a plastic bowl in the microwave.  After 8 minutes I checked and they weren't done - so I put them in for another 7 minutes.  

I don't know how long it went - but suddenly I have sirens going off in the house and smoke pouring out of the kitchen.  I ran to the microwave - opened the door to find a totally melted smouldering bowl of - god only knows - potatoes and melted plastic.  The alarm was screaming - I threw open the kitchen window - just as the alarm company called me.  I explained what had happened  - said everything was out - and I didn't need the fire department.  Oh yeah I forgot to tell you - I had thrown the stupid bowl on the counter - cause there were dishes in the sink.

Once the alarm had stopped and the smoke was dissipating I threw some meatloaf and salad on my plate and went to eat dinner.  The mess could wait!

When I went back the smell of melted plastic was still VERY strong in the kitchen.  I picked the bowl up ................. and.............. it had continued to smolder while it sat on my kitchen counter and had burned a rather nasty big spot on the wood counter top.  I touched it and was shocked how hot it still was.  I went under the cabinet to see if it had burned all the way through.  I couldn't see any marks but put my hand up to the underside to feel around - and oh my god !!  it was burning hot!!  Now I felt sick and scared.  Should I call the fire department - call the alarm company?? Was the fire smoldering ???? 

I stood there putting very wet cold clothes on the burn mark - filled the sink up with freezing cold water (no I don't know why I did that) and finally the heat dissipated.  BUT I can tell you I didn't sleep very well Saturday night - imagining the smoke alarm going off again - and my whole kitchen on fire.


Today I am left with a shower that doesn't work in the basement and a burned kitchen counter AND a lil house I really DO want to sell.............. and feeling so small and alone and wishing I could just pack up and move to W and have someone to take care of me.  

Like I said - if it weren't for bad luck - I'd have no luck at all. 



  1. Oh, I hope things start looking up. Quit thinking you have bad luck, switch it back to thinking you have good luck and watch what happens.

  2. Anonymous11:32 am

    Ahh so sorry to hear this. Hope things look up soon. Sending some good luck your way. :)


  3. I once nuked a sponge in the microwave after reading that it was a good way to sterilize it. The sponge went black and started smoking. I put it outside on top of the plastic garbage can lid. Half an hour later the sponge had melted through the lid and was sitting inside the can.

    It would be best to call a plumber to deal with the shower and faucet. The countertop? How about a strategically placed mat when potential buyers all through.


  4. Lousy way to start a new week....time for good karma...I am sending you all I can.
    hugs abby

  5. Sending positive vibes too!

    And I second Hermione's plumber suggestion: have a flick through the yellow pages and try to find a 'no job too small' type guy who doesn't charge a silly call-out fee. Once the shower problem is sorted that will be one in the win column :)


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