Monday, June 29, 2009


Know what that thing is in the above picture??

Well if you have ever done any home renovations... you will recognize it as the plain ordinary necessary paint stirrer.

BUT you might be wrong............

Sir used it this past weekend as His handy dandy spank the sub stick.

Paint stirrers - at least the one Sir used - are flexible. They bend when they hit... they sting when they hit......... AND they can be used to spank the smallest of my clit.......... over and over and over again!!

After a Saturday of spank the sub's ass with the white teflon spanker that magically molds to the ass (and after use returns to it's normal flat shape) and leaves bruising............ (yes yes Sir actually managed to bruise this leather ass of mine!!) Sunday was deemed cunt day...........

Sir had me lying on my back - legs spread wide........ with one hand He held open my pussy and with the other - used the now infamous paint stirrer to slap away at the inner lining of my pussy, and with a tug on the jewelry - my exposed clit. and no i am NOT complaining.. it was amazing............. i love pussy torture in any form.......... (don't ask why - i have no idea........... come near my tits the same way i run screaming from the room)

Besides all the spanking - there were two phenomenal orgasms... (after a month or so of none.. my pussy felt stretched, bruised and ohhhhhhh so used)

On the service side.. let's see.. i dead headed Sir's hanging baskets (actually they are hanging bags ) caught and released two really weird flying bugs (no i did NOT kill them geeeeeeeeez !!! if you can catch and release you should) ... i cooked an ok make shift Saturday night dinner - as the steaks never did defrost.. supervised Sir barbequing sausages on Sunday......... of course i did all the washing up........

oh yeah.. and for good measure and to make sure Sir got enough protein .. i sliced my thumb up into the salad on Saturday..........

i declare this weekend - AMAZING !!!


  1. Makes two.... well except for the unauthorized thumb cutting.

    Owner of morningstar

  2. I RECOGNIZE that pain stirrer (well, that's what I call it LOL).

    I'm really really good at slicing up thumbs and assorted other digits too - maybe it's a subby thing?

    sounds like a great weekend!

  3. I could use a cunt day.

  4. You do know that the paint stick comes in a longer variety for those industrial size buckets. They are right in front of thepaint counter at Reno Depot. Do enjoy!


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