Friday, June 05, 2009

Your Mind on drugs..

i really am not sure what has got me on a safety first theme these days....... perhaps it is the re-reading of On The Safe Edge - in preparation for a book review - that has me thinking all about safety and past experiences..

Once a while back.... i was with a Mistress... and ok i admit here for one and all to see... i am a bit naive (ok ok !!! a lot naive) ...... i never realized in the year or so i played with her that she regularly took uppers and downers and other drugs to enhance her BDSM experience. i do know that i have never ever played with anyone who played as hard or as long with little or no thought to me - until it was all over. (thank god i was/am a masochist - cause i could take 99% of what she doled out) It was only after the fact that 'friends' told me she was a regular drug user.

i am thinking it was probably my experience with her that made me very leery of playing with anyone who had to use drugs to enhance the BDSM experience. i remember a submissive who always - and i do mean ALWAYS - smoked up before going out to play ...... as she put it.. she wanted to be half way there before the whooping started.

The worst scene i ever had ....... a few years ago........ was at a private play party. At private parties it is not unheard of for Sir to invite other Doms to play with me. It is something i rather enjoy. But at this particular party, i was in the kitchen with a couple of female Dommes and a couple of other submissives...... and i watched as they all toked up. They even offered it to me. i remember just shaking my head no and being a little - no - a lot!! uncomfortable with the whole thing.

Later on in the evening the two female Dommes wanted to play with me. Sir (who probably wasn't all that aware that they had smoked up ) offered my ass to them. i quickly requested that the play happen right there .. in the middle of the party... with lots of people witnessing it. NOT because i was feeling particularly exhibitionist but because i was feeling very uneasy about 2 high Dommes swinging anything against my ass.

It was - to put it mildly - one of the worst scenes i have ever encountered. No matter how hard they hit.. i could not let go and fly....... i held on with every ounce of determination i had to reality .. cause they scared the hell out of me. Afterwards Sir and i had a long talk ... and He promised i would never have to play with someone who was under the influence of anything !!

Now.. booping around the net... i am reading more and more about something called "poppers" being used to enhance kinky sex scenes.

i tended to read and feel sorry for them that they needed something to enhance an orgasm that for me is soooooo damn good i can't imagine anything making it any better.. nor do i wish to try.

However ....... in this book On the Safe Edge ... i read about poppers. Honestly i didn't have a clue what they were........ but i do now.

The book says: "The effects generally last only a few minutes and include sharp decreased blood pressure, dizziness, and increased body temperature.

Because of their strong dilating abilities, the volatile nitrities are dangerous when used by people with low blood pressure. The after effects include headaches, imparied breathing, and, in some cases heart attack."

WOW !! a simple orgasm isn't enough anymore?? Naturally released endorphins aren't enough anymore??

i don't know folks........ maybe i am just getting old.... (cause there was a time back in the day - when i would toke up with the best of them) but i found my thrill - and not on Blueberry Hill - but at the end of a flogger or whip........... why is it so many need some extra thrill?? some extra danger??

When you or your Dominant is flying high on some chemical stimulant no one is capable of really knowing what is going on.......... to your body.. to your mind........

So thank you but no thank you........ i think i will stick to my good old naturally produced endorphins to find my thrills..........


  1. I'm with you. Thanks, but no thanks. The non-chemical high is perfectly wonderful. I really don't need nor want anything else.

  2. If this lifestyle is not enough for you to get high then you should get out of it drugs or lack of self control by a Dominat cannot be tolerated. Too much is in their hands to not have full control over their senses

  3. to me it is just common sense; anything that alters or affects perception and understanding carries with it the potential for mistakes and undermines the ability to make reasoned decisions. As the one underneath as it were, I would NEVER want anyone wielding a whip or anything else that didn't have a cool head. And from my own perspective, I think the altered reality of a good scene is far preferable to a chemically induced one.

  4. I can't imagine anyone getting "excessive" as the result of smoking weed. Personally, I would have greater worries about consuming alcohol.

    Was offered poppers once upon a time. I won't say that I wasn't attempted, but the promise of a more intense orgasm didn't outweigh my fears of possible "side effects."

  5. As if anticipation and then realisation weren't enhancing enough. I'm with you....a definite no thank you.

    love and hugs xxx

  6. Anonymous7:11 pm

    i have read where couples drink while playing and they really believe its okay. Im like you I will stick to the natural high


  7. I still remember the lesson you taught me at freedoms place....


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