Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fright or flight

i am working off the lap top today.. a lap top that seems to be thinking it should be allowed to go on summer vacation (insert eye roll) so be patient with the quality of this entry..

BUT i have these thoughts rolling around in my head and if they don't come out.. my head may very well explode.

i was reading some blogs this morning (before the lap top packed up and left for the beach) ... and one specifically rattled my windows and shook up my calm......

On Darklight Stables Cloud wrote;

"I want them to scurry about because they fear my disappointment, my anger and my discipline
in other words they fear me. "

ok .. whoa.. stop..

those words "they fear me" punched me in the gut.... took my breath away.... made my heart pound and my palms sweat.

Fear has nothing to do with respect.. or trust. Synonyms for fear are ...... fright, dread, terror, horror, panic, alarm, consternation, trepidation

"Fear is the parent of cruelty" (J.A. Froude).

Fear causes the body to react with a flight response....

i am left wondering why any Dominant would want His minions to fear Him??? i am wondering why any submissive/slave would stay with a
Dominant they feared??

i am not saying i have not experienced fear with Sir.. cause i have.. fear of the knife sliding inside my cunt.. fear of the flame licking at my body.. fear of the whip cutting through the air... fear of disappointing Sir....... but i have never feared Sir Himself. i respect Him.. i trust Him.. otherwise the knife wouldn't be sliding anywhere on my body.. the flame wouldn't be lit, and the whip would hang on the wall...

And that is just my 2cents on the subject....


  1. I have written many times about fear and do believe it is an integral part as those that have in the past served me. I understand your needs and this blog was not inteneded to suggest everyone play as I do. Merely re-stating fear is an emotion I enjoy exploring. I find it geratly heightens the sessionsfor both slave and Master. Each their own

  2. Since I don't have 2 cents I'll remain mute.


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