Thursday, June 04, 2009

Old wives tales???

Sir and i are scheduled to go and see a movie this Saturday afternoon......... and last night He made a comment about my wearing clamps on my pussy during the movie..........

What initially hit me over that command was a sadness that i have not lost enough weight yet to get back into my skirts or dresses - clamps and slacks just don't work.

Then this morning while i was drinking my coffee .. i was remembering all the warnings i heard when i was first starting off in this lifestyle.......


* one should NEVER wear clamps on any part of the body for more than 15 minutes at a time.. then they should be removed .. the blood allowed to flow back for 15 minutes at least before putting the clamps back on........

* one should never insert needles into breast tissue as you run the risk of damaging said tissue and causing cancer cells to form

* one should never bind breasts so tightly that they turn purple - because of the risk of damage to the breast tissue and/or blood clots

* one should never bind the wrists so tight that the hands become blue .... if it should happen then the bindings should be removed immediately.

And on and on the list went.........

In the beginning all these warnings didn't stop me from doing everything... and enjoying it.......... about the only warning that worried me and did stop me .. was the warning about hitting near the spine.. the base of the neck .. and the kidneys...

BUT now i find i am becoming a worry wart............ and yeah yeah i know i should trust Sir to make the right decisions...

BUT .... truthfully here folks .. He isn't a medical doctor.. and in fact most of the warnings weren't written by medical folks...

So ........ are they old wives tales ?? or sincere warnings??

i have taken more than one First Responder's course .. St John's Ambulance course.... and back in the days when we were being taught to use tourniquets we were lectured over and over about making sure we released the pressure every 15 minutes to allow blood flow........ so maybe there is some truth behind the releasing clamps every 15 minutes to prevent blood clots??

i do know i have a growth - a cyst - on the back of my left hand. When i asked the doctor what it was and how i got it... she responded with "you must have banged the back of your hand very hard.. or somehow stressed the tendon in that hand, causing the cyst to grow."

Well it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what i had done........ Sir would bind my wrists to the chains in the ceiling and a scene would start..... if the scene went well (by my standards) i would virtually be hanging by my wrists....... sometimes even dropping suddenly jerking the hands/wrists........ so there ya have it.. severe stress to the tendons in the hand.......... and the resulting cyst that will one day have to be removed.

So ......... getting back to clamps and things..... old wives tales??? or truth??

And what's to be done about it.......... 15 minutes in clamps never feels all that long......... does one roll the dice and go for it?? throw caution to the wind?? or does one err on the side of caution???

It is weird .. the older i get .. the more i want to err on the side of caution.. and the more i bemoan the loss of youth....... and daring adventure......


  1. And who says I or you wasn't going to remove them every 15 mins??

    Owner of morningstar

  2. D is a little paranoid about things like that - and used to like to err on the side of caution.

    He was careful about avoiding certain areas when flogging, caning etc - particular the lower spine, the kidneys etc. Insofar as clamps/ropes etc - he was vigilent and yes, would release regularly and was constantly checking on the colour of skin etc. I think it CAN be very dangerous. (although sometimes I think he just liked my screams when the circulation came BACK and doing it over and over again just made it MORE fun)

    Hell, diabetes is all about a LACK of circulaton and bad things happen when you lose circulation (granted it is over a period of time).

  3. I stick with common sense. Weird colors, a lot of pain, cold skin -- those are all warning signs though I believe every body has a different time limit those things will happen in.

    I know when I worked in psych we had to check our restrained patients every fifteen minutes, turn them every hour. So there must be something to those warnings though I don't repeat them like a mantra while I'm tied up, etc. :)

  4. Interesting post, morningstar.

  5. Ok, as a medical person, I can tell you that yes, it CAN be dangerous. For many reasons. Without oxygen, the skin tissue starts to die, among other things.
    Just be mindful.

  6. I think caution is a good thing when it comes to safety and health. Safety does not come at the expense of enjoyment. However, enjoyment without caution CAN come with a very high price.

  7. Great post! Very informative reading both post and comments. i can relate to erring more toward caution as time goes by.


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