Saturday, January 31, 2009


A few days ago.. Sir and i were talking.. i don't remember what about.. but i made a statement about pillow talk......... and Sir said "Sometimes He wants to have pillow talk but i am always asleep. "

Those words have been banging around in my head.. i feel guilty .. because there are times Sir wants to talk............ and i am asleep.

Now i can hear you all saying .. well just wake her up........... but unfortunately that is just not possible..

A handful of years ago i suffered a major burn out at work...... was off work for 3 months... that... combined with menopause and high blood pressure caused by stress.. the doctor has put me on a little pill i take every night before bed... she believes if i get a good night's sleep.. i can face just about anything in my day. The consequences of these lil pills were made very clear to me.. once on them.. i can never come off.. it seemed a small sacrifice for peace of mind.. lower blood pressure.. and a shiny disposition. (ok ok.. maybe the shiny disposition is a bit of an exaggeration!!)

There was a night.. awhile back.. not one of my prouder moments.. when Sir came to bed.. and decided to fuck my brains out... and did... only problem was i never woke up !!! In fact i didn't even remember it in the morning... it was the most embarassing moment of our relationship - for me !!! Sir loves to tease me about it.. but still .. i am mortified that i didn't stir.. didn't even have a memory of it... (and in case anyone is interested.. i apparently even had an earth shattering.. squirting.. body trembling orgasm !!)

So.......... waking me up to have pillow talk is out of the question.

i made a tongue in cheek statement to Sir when we were discussing this problem.. i said.. (using His frequent advice to me) "write it down"............ Sir said.. He could do that.. write it on my ass !!!

Interesting proposition eh??? how would i read the wisdom written on my ass?? stand backwards looking in a mirror.. and learn to read backwards quickly?? Present my ass for Sir to read back to me His words?? Or go through the day wondering what was inscribed on my ass.. such dilemmas !!! (tongue in cheek!!)

Words - on a pillow or on an ass or on a computer screen - are really just that ...... words.. how we understand them.. define them.. and use them is really what is important. And almost everyone understands, defines and uses words in ways that are different from others.

Still words are all we have to try and make ourselves understood.


  1. How about a digital recorder-dildo?

  2. Morrest code would be my choice dots and dashes I think a lot could fit on a bum inbetween the cheels and all kots of space .


  3. Words aren't all we have, they are just easier (and sometimes not) to comprehend.

  4. the problem words, is that sometimes they are not heard - even when they are crystal clear; yet for me, writing words is sometimes the only thing I've got to free the voice.


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