Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Sex and fiction

Last night Sir was out.. i had my usual "task email" for the evening. i was to finish my latest entry to the Fictional Journey and then masturbate twice...... have my bath ...... and masturbate once more before lights out.

Now .. i had decided to take the Fictional Journey on a new twist.. try some different writing styles and different themes.. BUT i have been struggling with it. It is much easier to turn my imagination on and let my fingers flow with the mood. Unfortunately recently the imagination has been running dry...... and therefore no easy entries. So i decided to try something brand new.. which isn't always that easy.

So last night i sat down and started to type.... with the thought of a nice orgasm as my reward (with the holidays etc it had been a long time and my body was so ready for it!!) It seemed to take me forever to get the story flowing..... i had to stop to google ideas for names etc.. but finally the fingers started to fly across the keys....

Honestly in less time than i thought possible i had the first entry for "Behind the Screen" ready to post. It isn't so much BDSM.. or sex.. as my usual stories.. mind you it is just the first in (what i hope will be ) many entries and things will heat up considerably over the next few months........ but for some reason this first entry turned me on more than i ever imagined.

i couldn't wait to hit the publish button and head off to the bedroom and my new hitachi !! i was surprised at how wet i was before i even turned the hitachi on....... dripping actually... it took me almost no time at all before i was having my first orgasm........ and oh my god what an orgasm it was !!! Usually i do not have such earth quaking / leg shaking orgasms by myself. But that wasn't the case last night....... my body had a mind of its own.... and i even squirted.. so hard and so much i soaked the bed .........

Now i don't know if the orgasms were due to the length of time since my last one.. or the new story.. i like to think it is the new story....... if you would like to check out my newest entry to the Fictional Journey - click HERE.........

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