Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Protest too much

There was one comment made this past weekend that made me uncomfortable.. that brought out the part of me that says... "whoa.. hang on a minute - you don't know ME.. you don't know what i do or don't do"

But that is the risk one takes - isn't it - when one writes from the heart .. but can only give part of the picture.

i had (hell i still have) this burning urge to stand up and say .. You got it wrong.. i am not a bad sub.. i DO serve Sir.. i DO try to please Him.......... but then my mother whispers in my ear saying " me thinks you protest too much". And she would be right.

But for the record.. i have not stopped serving Sir.. i will never stop serving Sir.. i still make His meals.. wash His clothes .. regulate His meals .. watch as He tests His blood.. collect His bloody test strips.. bring Him His pills and drinks.. and all the other little things that a sub does daily to serve and please her Master.

That blog entry was not about that.. it was about life - real life - taking its toll on a relationship.. it was about old bodies giving out and not performing the way they once did.. it was about demands from every sector taking its toll on a relationship.. it was about loving too much..

And it was .. i hoped it was.. about the undying love and devotion i have for this man i call Sir.. and that He has for me....

It was about honesty and the struggles that come from a long term (not long distance) relationship.

It was about communication.. and keeping the lines open ..

It was about listening to each other.. and really hearing what the other person says..

It was about a relationship being worth the work and the struggle to make it near perfect..

It was about life not being a fairy tale........... or about the next Dom just around the corner (or the next sub for that matter)

It was ......... just another page out of the book they call "Life"..........

and that is all i am going to say on the subject..
Sorry mom.. just this once .. i had to protest just a little bit !!


  1. it is exactly that risk that I think about all the time, and oddly, was thinking about lately. Because after all, I know that I (and many of us) blog about ISSUES - things in our lives that are NOT working - becuase I know I find it sometimes helpful to work through things, to see the various sides of things, when I write them out ... which of course, in the end, gives a out of whack view of teh reality of the sitation ...

    I know that many of us that read you regularly, know indeed that you are a wonderful submissive and DO serve your Sir so beautifully - and protest away- this is your SPACE ... one of my 'rules' is I can say WHAT the hell I want in MY space LOL

  2. Anonymous9:22 am

    I didn't comment the other day on your open letter, but here...hugs..oh yes, I've been there, where a little protest seems necessary. For me, it used to often be when someone who actually DID know me really well (and real time) would often misrepresent something I'd said. It was like my saying the sun wasn't shining and her saying I'd said the moon was out.

    I lost track of your site for a while, but have found it again recently. I have it on reader now and will pop in and comment from time to time if that's ok.

    love and hugs to you both xxx

  3. Anonymous10:36 am


    I sincerely hope you didn't take offense to my comment. There certainly was no judgement on your submission, your relationship, your dynamic, etc.

    The only thing I was trying to do was give some advice. Tell you something that has helped me numerous times and that I thought I would share with you in hopes it would maybe get you through the rough spots as it has gotten me through them.

    But apparently that was misconstrued by you and your readers.

    It's sad when we're supposed to be a community and when one of us tries to help the other we immediately get jumped on or accused of being judgemental, not knowing the writer personally, etc.

    Either way. Sorry you took offense and I guess I learned that this is yet another online place where the desire to help another submissive/slave/bottom is frowned upon or misunderstood as "my way is better than your way".

    Totally not where I was coming from.

    I do wish you and yours the best!


  4. melissa.. (should you come back)

    i did not take offense to your comment - in fact i gave it a lot of thought....

    what conclusion i came to .. was that i already serve Sir with my whole heart..

    Your advice was good advice for someone who is not doing their best.. you offered the words of advice in good faith .. and i accepted them in the spirit they were given.

    morningstar (owned by Warren)

  5. M:e welcome back .. i am truly glad you found your way........ next time leave bread crumbs (cheeky grin)

    morningstar (owned by Warren)

  6. selkie..

    i do love the fire in your spirit !!! Sometimes i do forget that this is indeed MY space to say what i want .. how i want.. when i want!!

    But with you around to give me a nudge .. i won't worry about forgetting again...

    morningstar (owned by Warren)

  7. Anonymous10:04 am


    I am so glad you understood the spirit (of comraderie!)in which my original comment was given!

    Too many times I think it is easy to misconstrue a comment left by a frequent reader (but not-so-frequent commenter).

    I hope your journal entry and you and your sir's subsequent interaction ragarding it will bring you closer together!



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